Provost's Advisory Committee on Academic Scheduling

Provost's Advisory Committee

Committee Charge

This document provides background information about the Provost's Advisory Committee on Academic Scheduling, and it outlines the committee's membership, organization, and charge.

In its 2016 report to the Provost and Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance, the Classroom and Academic Scheduling Task Force recommended the establishment of a permanent committee related to instructional and academic scheduling. Initially proposed to be a joint subcommittee of the Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee (IGCC) and the Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (IUCC), the committee now will be one appointed by the Provost. Its function will be to consult with and advise the Registrar on matters related to class and instructional scheduling; provide an oversight and coordination role in academic scheduling, including handling request for exceptions; develop policies, procedures, and recommendations for both short- and long-term planning; and, as appropriate, elevate matters to relevant standing faculty committees, such as the IUCC, IGCC, and Student Regulations Committee (SRC). The committee’s work will be guided by the Guiding Principles for Classroom and Academic Scheduling document produced by the Task Force.


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Guiding Principles for Classroom and Academic Scheduling

These Guiding Principles are not intended to indentify the single, best answer for specific situations. Rather, they represent a shared set of beliefs, from multiple perspectives, as a reference for the entire Institute community to use in making often-difficult decisions regarding both short-term and long-term classroom and academic scheduling issues.

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Exception Request Policy for Classroom and Academic Scheduling

This policy document clearly defines the roles of the Exceptions Subcommittee and the Office of the Registrar, outlines the underlying principles for addressing exceptions, and describes the review process for exception requests. This policy was updated in December 2019 to reflect changes to the scheduling protocols effective with Summer 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021 semesters and beyond.

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