We've Moved!

The Registrar's Office Has Returned to the Main Floor of Tech Tower

For more than a year, the Registrar's Office occupied a temporary space in the Savant Building while Tech Tower was being renovated.


On Monday, March 27, 2017, we returned to our usual location on the Main Floor of Tech Tower.


All Other Floors of Tech Tower Remain Closed

The Main Floor of Tech Tower is open to the public. All other floors of Tech Tower remain closed, including the Bottom Floor adjacent to Highland Bakery.


Construction crews are working on the Bottom Floor, Second Floor, and Third Floor. These areas are dangerous. Unauthorized personnel must not trespass.


Disabled Persons Will Get Assistance to Access Our Office

While construction is ongoing in Tech Tower, our two publicly-available entrances both require the use of stairs.


Disabled persons are asked to call our staff at 404-894-4150 to receive in-person assistance and elevator access.