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Incomplete Grades

According to the Rules & Regulations V., a student may be assigned a grade of "I" under the following circumstance:

"Assigned when a student was doing satisfactory work, but for nonacademic reasons beyond his/her control and deemed acceptable by the instructor, was unable to meet the full requirements of the course. If the student's performance was so poor as to preclude his/her passing, the instructor shall assign the grade of F".

"Last Date of Participation" should be entered for any student assigned a final grade of "F" or "I".

Acceptable reasons for assigning an "I" would include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Personal illness of the student
  • Family emergency (death in family, serious illness in family, birth of child, etc.)
  • Computer failure/software problem/lack of data supplied by outside source
  • Travel required by job that could not be rescheduled

The student should be able to provide documentation to the instructor for any non-academic reason.

Other factors that should be taken into account and general guidance:

  • The emphasis is on the fact that the reason is not academic in nature and that the student was doing satisfactory work.
  • Students should not be instructed to sign up for the course again in order to make up an "I" grade and should only lack a small portion of course work. If the student is missing so much work that a passing grade could not have been assigned, a grade of "F" should be assigned.
  • The rule of thumb for this is that approximately 70% of the term should have passed for an Incomplete request to be appropriate.
  • The instructor may also take into account the type of assignments that were missed such as group presentations, group projects, laboratories, or other examples where it would be difficult to recreate the work or conditions for the work to be completed.
  • An incomplete should not be granted in order for a student to redo a test, quiz, or exam in order to improve their grade.
  • Discussions about a possible Incomplete grade for a student should not occur until late enough in the term when it can be determined that the student is passing and that they have successfully completed enough of the class to have a reasonable chance of making it up by the deadline.
  • When completing a grade correction form to remove the "I" grade, the instructor is required to identify the nonacademic reason that the "I" was given, not what the student was required to do to make up the work.
  • Students who receive a grade of "I" (Incomplete) should consult the Student Rules & Regulations VII regarding the length of time allowed to make up the Incomplete.
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