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Monday, November 20th 2017
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  • At any time following the opening of the Online Application for Graduation (OAG) window, advisors and departments may run a report of their degree candidates.  To do so, please follow the following steps:
    • Login to GT Reports, and access the GTAAD folder.
    • Within the GTAAD folder select the Degree Candidates folder, then select OAG Applicant Report (Live).
    • The next screen will enable you to set certain parameters for your query, including Term, Program, Application Status, and Graduation Status.  (To select more than one program, but not all, use Control while selecting certain values.)
    • After entering the term and programs, it is recommended you choose AC – Active Applications only, as well as selecting all Graduation Statuses.  To select all Graduation Statuses, please click on the double-arrow icon highlighted in the image below.

      After doing so, all available Graduation Statuses should appear in the Selected Values box, as seen here:

    • Click the OK option at the bottom of the screen (also seen in the first image above).
    • Your report should now be generated.
  • To export the report into Excel form for easier sorting (you will also have to do this before sending back to Degree Certification), please follow these steps:
    • Click the Export Data icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen (highlighted below).


    • Under the File Format dropdown, select “Microsoft Excel (97-2003) Data-Only.”
    • Click Export.
    • (You may be prompted – depending on your settings – to click “OK” to open it in Excel.)
    • Once your report opens in Excel, you may widen columns, sort, etc. based on your preferences.  This should enable easier review of your degree candidates.


  • A fundamental part of the degree certification process is the departmental review of all degree candidates.  This “checks and balances” system ensures careful review of all candidates, and helps to eliminate potential errors.  Furthermore, since OAG candidates never submitted a paper form, this departmental review also serves as a sort of “signature” on a student’s application.
  • Following DC’s Second Audit, communication will be sent out to departments informing them that the second audit is complete and that departments can run the OAG Applicant Report to review. 
  • At this time, departments are asked to review their candidates, specifically the Graduation Status column.  IF YOU AGREE WITH THE GRADUATION STATUS IN THE REPORT, INDICATE AN “X” IN THE ADVISOR APPROVAL COLUMN FOR THAT STUDENT.  If you disagree with the Graduation Status, simply leave the Advisor Approval box blank for that student. 
  • Once you have reviewed all of your candidates, and provided “X’s” for those candidates in which you agree with DC’s evaluation, please send the report back to DC by emailing dc@lists.gatech.edu.  The subject line should include program, followed by “Dept Review.”  For example, undergraduate Architecture’s subject line would read: BSARCH Dept Review.
  • Upon receipt of the departmental review, DC will then investigate any discrepancies, and resolve issues accordingly.


  • Please note there is one significant change to the degree certification process for online applicants.  Unlike in semesters past, if a student is deficient following Second Audit and departmental review, they will be inactivated as degree candidates and forced to reapply for the next semester.  The exceptions would be any students with one of the highlighted statuses in the glossary below.
  • Departments will be given approximately one month to review their candidates, and provide information back to DC before the Inactivation Date. 
  • If there are discrepancies between DC’s Second Audit and departmental review, the student will be issued a REG – Registrar Administrative Deficiency status, while his/her case is reviewed.  This will allow them to continue past the Inactivation Date, if necessary.
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